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This Nano Magic Tape can be used wherever you want! Never make any holes in your wall !!

This may be the BEST tape you've used due to its outstanding adhesiveness & great waterproof ability!

Nano Magic Tape can be fully used in various ways which adopt nanotechnology. It is more convenient than the traditional ways to attach things on the wall and floor. Besides, This Nano Magic Tape can be washed many times so that it can be reused.

A tape that can stick & hold anything you want!

That’s the power of this nanotechnology Multi-Purpose Nano Adhesive Tape!
Stick whatever and whenever you like! Keeps your things organized, immovable and within reach!

Proven to offer the best & toughest tape on any surface

An ultra-strong adhesive that can hold up to 3 kg of weight!

Keeps any surface clean without leaving sticky residues

Easily cut to the length you like!

100% washable and reusable multiple times!

Glue your phones, keys, pens, tools or hang decorations too

Perfect for your car, rooms, kitchen and more


  • You can adjust the length by cutting it down.
  • When you take off this tape on the wall, It will leave no residue. Do no harm to your wall!
  • The effect of this tape Does not be affected by the environment.
  • Applied for types of surface: wooden, plastic, glass, marble, etc.
  • The magic tape can be washed and reusable.
  • High tensile strength, High ductility.
  • Can be used in your bathroom, and Hot summer!

NEW TAPE: Our double sided carpet tapes made from PU gel, with durable, double-sided self adhesive, transparent, no residue, removable and washable feature will not leave any traces on the wall or any surface. Anti slip ,can be cut, washable, reusable.

MULTI-FUNCTION USING: Perfect for kitchen household industrial use ,like car mount, poster, picture frame, pen holder, wall sticker, hook, small tools, sticky pads, phone case, patches, decorative patches, wall decor, solar lights, step lights, deck lights.

    Size:1mm thickness * 3cm width * 1 meter,1mm thickness * 3cm width * 3meter,1mm thickness * 3cm width * 5 meter
    2mm thickness * 3cm width * 1 meter,2mm thickness * 3cm width * 3 meter,2mm thickness * 3cm width * 5 meter
    Width: 30MM

    Length: 1 Meter
    Thickness: 2MM
    Color: Transparent
    Material: PU
    Use The Paste Range: Tiles, Planks, Glass, Walls, Etc.
    Practical Range: Car Vehicle: Home Wall Stickers Kitchen Bathroom Carpet             

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