Nail Magic - Soak Off Nail Polish Remover

$17.80 $39
Magically remove all remnants of your gel and powder manicure in just seconds with the superpowers of our polish remover! Love the smooth texture and high sheen finish of shellac nails but frustrated by how hard it can be to remove the gel? Worry not. We've got you covered. 

In all actuality and contrary to popular misconception, the gel doesn't ruin your natural nails. It's the gel removal process that makes a difference when it comes to damage. Formulated to melt gel topcoats without harming the structures of your real nails underneath, this soak off nail polish remover expertly eliminates the frustrations of removal altogether.
Unlike most other acetone-free removers, the Nail Magic is also free from Acetate, Ethyl Lactate & Petroleum Chemicals - all of which are harmful with repeated or prolonged exposure.

Brush On, Peel Off Clean – No Foiling, Scraping or Sanding 
Fast, Safe, Gentle Salon Quality Gel Nail Removal Solution 
Rapidly Breaks Down Gel Upon Application (takes 30 seconds) 
Leaves Nail Surface Smooth, Squeaky Clean, Damage-Free 
Save $$ on Salon Appointments, Remove Nail Gel Yourself!
All ingredients rated 0 or 1 in the cosmetic safety review by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.
Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic.
Works for SNS and other Dip Powder nail colors
Suitable to remove the soak-off gel, base coat, top coat, matte topcoat, 3D nail decorations, ColorStreet, etc.



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