Ant Bait Killer(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)

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(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)

One tiny food crumb equals numerous ants swarming around. And before you know it, a colony of ants has already invaded your house!


But before you grab that toxic chemical spray, use this Ant Bait Killerinstead! It offers the most convenient and MESS-FREE solution to get rid of ant invasion in your home!

Self-Contained Bait Station

  • Hassle-free, ready-to-use bait that is safely encapsulated. No need for mixing, no spills, harmful aerosols or messy powders.

  • Simply place the bait near ant trails and let it do its work! Its unique formula irresistibly attracts foraging ants quickly.

  • Made from black sugar and honey which are ants favorite are immediately consumed by ants. Once these active ingredients start to work, it rids water from ants' body thus effectively exterminating them all.

Effectively Eliminates Entire Ant Colony

  • Not just one, not two but all of their nests, too! When foraging ants are attracted and eat from the bait, these infected ants will then carry the baits to their nest where they pass on the bait to the queen. larvae and other ants, infecting its entire colony to death!

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • As ants live both inside and outside the home, this ant bait can be SAFELY used even inside the house without worries!

  • Its unobtrusive design can be conveniently placed in your kitchen, at the porch, door entrance or any area suspected of having ant nest. Cut out to pieces before putting it in the recommended places. 

    • Note: Please keep clear from children

  • Specifically targets and kills black household ants.

Say goodbye to ant invasion for good with this Ant Bait Killer!

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