High Speed 13,000 rpm Electric Drill(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)

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【Perfecthandheld Drill tool】- For PCB drilling, wood, plastic, paper, sheet metal, acrylic, Aluminum, etc.

【Miniature hand-held electric drill】- Speed and stability, high power, high speed 13,000 rpm, reliable quality. 0.3mm-4mm precision steel drill, clamp executive firm, precise handy! Equipped with a Adjustable 5V-12V DC power supply, more secure. The machine is suitable for hand-held, easy to grip, easy to operate, easy to carry. Press-point switch at any time stop, safe and reliable. The drill for drilling circuit boards, jewelry processing, wood drilling, soft metal drilling, copper and iron in the above drilling.



  • Material : Aluminum
  • Color : Silvery
  • Size : 9 *4 cm(Without Drill Bits)
  • Input : 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output : DC 5V-12V 2A
  •  1 x Electric drill
  •  1 x DC 12V Power supply (Us Plug type)
  • 10 x Twist Drill Bits





JT0 chuck


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