Mini Wood Circular Saw Blade Cutting Blade Rotary Tool

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  • Made of high quality high speed steel, these circular saw blades are quite durable.
  • Inner bore diameter is 11.1mm and it will fit for many electric saw machines.
  • Saw blade teeth are very sharp which ensure fast and fluent cutting.
  • Black saw blade can cut soft metals such as aluminum, copper and plastic, yellow one is for wood, and silver one is for ceramics and tiles.
  • Widely used on marble cutting machines, electric hand saws, sliding table saws, etc.


Material: High speed steel

Outer Diameter: 54.8mm/2.15"

Bore Diameter: 11.1mm/0.43"
Mandrel Length: 60mm/2.36"

Mandrel Shank Diameter: 6mm/0.23"


Package Includes:

3 x Saw Blades

1 x Mandrel

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