3 PCS Smart Fishing Electronic Luminous Float(BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)

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              (BUY 1 GET 2ND 10% OFF)
  Never Miss A Bite Again With The 

               Smart Fishing Float! 




The world´s first smart fishing float that recognizes every bite with a unique gravity sensor and indicates it by changing the LEDs from GREEN to RED!




The world´s first smart fishing float that recognizes fish bite using its unique gravity sensor. Whenever a fish takes the bait, a signal is sent to the LED light, changing its color from green to red! Works well during the day however, it is extra effective during the night! Comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries so you can use it repeatedly. Our fishing float is crafted using durable and insolating nanomaterials to protect the electronics within and ensures its lifespan.


  • ENHANCE PERFORMANCE: Catch More Fish! The intelligent and eye-catching sensor makes it easier to see, so you will never miss a bit again!
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN: The LED light turns red immediately once the Fishing float submerges underwater.
  • LONG DURABILITY: Made with durable, anti-rust and anti-corrosive materials to ensure its repeatable usage and lifespan.
  • BRAND NEW DESIGN: The Intelligent fishing float uses gravity sensing functions to detect fish bits and changes the light from green to red.
  • FAST CHARGING: Fast USB charging and long duration.


  • Use the charger to charge if the battery is low
  • Unscrew the base, install the battery and screw back the base
  • Insert in water and watch for the indicator light to change color
  • Simply pul when the indicator light becomes red and you have your catch!






  • Name: LED smart luminous fish float 
  • Applicable scene: night fishing 
  • Category: vertical drift 
  • Material: bark fir/nanomaterial 

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