Pet Comb Flea Comb Electric Bounce Comb

$18.69 $36



  • Easy to Use - Simply comb your pets to kill flea, no extra tool required
  • Compact and Easy to Use - Much easier than chemical baths and typical treatments
  • Painless - Gentle charge kills fleas without harming your pet with no discomfort to your pet
  • Hands-free Discard - Simply slide the blade to discard the dead fleas
  • Chemical-free, Pesticide-free 
  • Works on pets of Any Age
  • Works on Any Coat Lengths - Reaches deep into your pet’s full-length fur/ short coat to find, kill and remove flea
  • Fleas are painful for your cat or dog. When fleas bite, they can cause flea allergy dermatitis, which causes itching, making your furry friendscratch and bite themselves Lets' Kill FleasWithout Pesticides or Chemicals!
    • Package Size: 67 x 52 x 54mm
    • Powered by:  2 x AA batteries



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